Can you buy Dankwoods online?


Can you buy Dankwoods online?

Dankwoods are more widely available in the black market. so far, we have learned countless times that the unregulated cannabis markets can’t be trusted. Hence, you don’t have 100% guarantee when it comes to buying cannabis from unlicensed sellers. For this reason, we often advise our clients to stick with us for quality dank wood products and timely delivery. Dankwoods are available as individually package pre-rolled blunt. Sometimes they are covered in keef, and the purveyors even have a website suggesting that consumers can make online purchases.
However, competitors can push their dirty cannabis and concentrate which can lead to different health issues. This is why it’s important to make it a habit to only buy regulated cannabis products. Therefore, there’s a need to feel accountable if a cannabis shop is caught selling dirty products.

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Nonetheless, Dankwoods take the traditional blunt a few steps further. So after rolling up some banga in a Backwoods wrap. The blunt is sometimes dipped in THC concentrate and covered in kief. Furthermore, they allegedly use high-quality Los Angeles grown cannabis strains. Like Gorilla Glue, Sour Diesel, and Girl Scout Cookies in each of their products

To fully understand the concept of Dankwoods, its important to always ask this one essential question!

What are Dankwoods?

Dankwoods trait from a long history. But firstly, you have to understand their inspiration. The Backwoods Smokes. Backwoods Smokes is a popular line of cigars most known for being wrapped in a leaf of Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco. So, when unroll properly, they make a sturdy and enjoyable blunt. However, regardless of its durability, Backwoods also come in an assortment of flavors. This include honey and grape, which adds to the smoking experience. This tobacco wrappers can also hold an impressive 3.5 grams of weed, making it the ultimate choice for pro-smokers and sharing amongst friends. 

With Backwoods’ popularity, Dankwoods have rapidly climbed up hte demand chain by making pre-rolled blunts using Backwoods as wraps. Also, they use similar branding and styles to entice users to their line of products, However, it does not appear that the two brands are associated in any way. 

How much does a Dankwood cost?

A single Dankwoods blunt cost $40 and includes 2 grams of premium cannabis according to its label.
Its preferavle to keep your cannabis transaction doscreet. Therefore, you might prefer using an online dispensary either because you live in an area without a dispensary or because you are just reluctant to go to a dispensary and find it more convenient doing it online.

Since the introduction of online CBD dispensaries, millions of people have enjoyed private and discreet purchases of Dankwoods & Dank Vape both for medical and recreational purposes.
​At Smartvape shop, we take this to a higher level, by ensuring a smooth and guided process for packaging and delivering our packages for optimum discretion.

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An ideal cost of Dankwoods ranges from $18 to $70 depending on the flavor. Its often advisable to buy in bulk to avoid excessive delivery charges.

Is the Dankwoods website legit?

Regardless of their fame and popularity, Dankwoods are not actually a legitimate product on the legal market. In fact, the sale of pre-rolled blunts is currently illegal everywhere in the United States. Also, Dankwoods are not legal even in states with legalize adult-use sales, the mixing of tobacco and cannabis into a single product is simply not allowed by law. 

Moreover, this may not be an important distinction for some, it does make a major difference in the finish product. When you purchase Dankwoods, you have no idea what is actually inside the blunt, or where it came from. Furthermore, you have no idea where your money is going, and there is little to no transparency about any of the procedures involved. You could be unintentionally putting yourself and your health at risk.

To conclued, Dankwoods are simply not legal by design. As we previously mentioned, combining tobacco and cannabis in one product is not allow in the US, no matter where you live. 

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