Do organic smart carts have pesticides in them?

Do organic smart carts have pesticides in them?

The safest way to ensure you don’t get any THC cartridges with pesticides is always purchase from a dispensary. Since they abide by the law to test all of their products at least 3 times before, during and after production.

So, if you are anxious to know if there’s  pesticide in your THC cartridges, there’s really no sinple way to be sure. Unless you pay to send them off to a laboratory and have them tested.

However, if you trust the companies that manufactured these products, check the labeling on the cartridge boxes or on their website. As vaping became a more popular way to consume THC and CBD since the late 2014. Hence, leading to more organic smart carts companies springing up due to the relative easiness of producing the liquids. As such, production quality on the vaporizers starts to suffer, and organic smart carts companies began cutting their 100% THC or CBD liquids with additives to help stretch out production runs.

Also, the color of the liquid. If it’s a golden, yellowish brown, it’s more likely to be safe. If it’s clear with just a slight yellow hue, it’s likely very safe and very pure. If it’s a dark brown color, almost syrup-like, it’s either very old, filled with butane or packed full of additives.

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Do smart carts have pesticides in them?

How do you tell if there are pesticides in your cart?

The issue with pesticides became with cannabis vape companies bragging to produce 100% THC and CBD oils, which use to be  standard. A 2015 investigation conducted by Project CBD found 4 additives in particular that were commonly being used to dilute cannabis oils. Two of which break down into toxic compounds when heated over 230°C (446°F).

However, the safe additives include VG, or vegetable glycerine, which according to a 2016 study wasn’t found to emit toxins at high temperatures, and MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides, such as coconut oil. MCTs do produce small amounts of acetaldehyde when heated, but the concentrations are 33 times less than that of polyethylene glycol.

Propylene glycol, is an unfortunately common emulsifier that’s typically advertised as a plant-based additive. It’s consider safe by the FDA to consume, but inhaling it is a whole other matter. Often, they are use in vape oils to prevent liquid ingredients from separating. but was found to break down into formaldehyde under high temperatures.

Polyethylene glycol 400, is a harmful emulsifier. When put under high temperatures, it breaks down into formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is a carcinogenic compound found in fruits and grains that contributes to the hangover effect of alcohol. Formaldehyde is a potent carcinogen, inhalation of which has been linked to increased incidence of myeloid leukemia and nasopharyngeal cancer.

Are there fake smart carts?

Anyone who sells prefilled cannabis oil cartridges is a criminal. They sell hash oil that is not clean, and doing so knowing. Lab test of black market organic smart carts has detected pesticides, and other harmful chemicals to people. Criminals have even tried to cut cannabis oil with fillers which leads to diferent health problems.

Usually, they sell THC oil vape cartridges illegally on social media platforms such as facebook, snap chat and Instagram. They even take it a step further and scam people with promises to mail THC cartridges in exchange for payment online. Of course, they run away with the money and never send any THC carts.

Criminals are trying to make fast and easy cash by transporting organic smart carts where cannabis is illegal. The value of hash oil skyrockets in states and countries where it’s illegal. There have been many arrests made and news that relate to crimes transporting THC oil vape cartridges.

Here are some related topics on the harmfulness of fake THC carts and marijuana consumption.

In order for there to be negative effects, there must also be positive ones. Just something to consider.

Thinking back and remembering the primary negative effects of marijuana that I recall are as follows.

  1. Think more, talk less. – This is the opposite of alcohol which makes you talk more and think less. For me marijuana seem to make my brain kick into turbo drive. This was not very beneficial either, at least not with habitual use. Using it daily I found myself lock up inside my mind and thoughts, predicting and “knowing” other people’s thoughts while really knowing very little. I did have some pretty amazing breakthrough ideas though. For example how to totally restructure the way cars are bought and sold in the U.S.. The problem was, and remains, that while it may have helped foster this idea, I believe it just as equally killed it. See number 2.
  2. Apathy and Fake Acceptance – Like it or not, believe it or not, it kills your drive, it did mine. If nothing other than making it harder to get up in the morning. Other examples would be how it lock me up inside my mind with my thoughts, preventing me from doing anything with these thoughts and ideas, equaling a type of apathetic state. Marijuana also makes it easier to be complacent and accept problems and difficult situations. This is largely done by impairment. Very similar to how antidepressants work. When high my mind would go from one thought to another like a pinball machine, preventing me from focusing on any one thing for very long. Antidepressants seem to just totally kill my brain, soul and body.
  3. Social Isolation and Simulation or Prediction of others thoughts, feelings, attitudes or beliefs. – Marijuana can socially isolate us, as it did me at times, making me not want to be around people, especially large groups of people. Even when I would go around people I was comfortable with I would still hold back and not be myself. My mind was filled with what I thought were their thoughts. Some might call this paranoia, but it was very different than the traditional sense and meaning of the word. Self absorb would be a better way of describing it. It made me think I was much more important than I am, in the eyes of others. In reality, other people think about me very little, for good or bad.

Initially, it looks like people who are on marijuana are very peaceful and nice people, but after some time, when it goes on for a certain period of time, slowly they are the same people who can get agitated and irritated with every little thing, because it takes away the mental capability. They can’t figure out 1, 2, from 1 to another, so you can’t count up to 16.

Is it true that this human mechanism is the most sophisticated chemical factory on the planet? So if you know how to manage this well, you can produce what you want in this.

Anyway, there was an Israeli scientist. He was doing research on cannabis and its impact on the neurological system. In about four-and-a-half years, he came up with this – he said, “There are millions of cannabis receptors in our brain.” But why? So he threw this information to all kinds of scientific disciplines to find out why, in human brain, there are millions of cannabis receptors.

Many funny things happened around the world in this context. Then the neurologists came up with this and said, “The brain is expecting that you will produce cannabis within the system.” It’s not expecting you to smoke smart carts. It’s expecting you produce that so that it becomes a mood equalizer for you all the time. But most human beings have become inefficient chemical factories or they are just lousy CEOs managing a great factory. So, they start smoking from outside. It’s not a moral issue for me. But the thing is, there is substantial studies which are being put down by those few activists who want to promote it.

Now I will say that it did work better than many medications prescribed for pain management, sleep, or even a cough and cold. But as with anything in life, there are opportunity costs and prices we must pay for each and every decision we make. Just like the time I’ve lost writing this post!

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