Why are mech mod so expensive?

glas phantom by glas vapor

Why are mech mod so expensive?

Regarding Glas Phamtom which is one of the most expensive mech mod and cost $300+, its always advisable to know what you are buying before seeking it out.

If you started vaping within the last 3 years or so, you most likely know about mechanical mods. But aren’t really sure what they’re all about! So, you are pondered with questions like: Why do people use them? Why do some vapers say you’re not “legit” unless you own a mech mod? Do I need one? Are they better?

First let’s look at what they are and where they came from.

mech mod

A brief history of the e-cig

The very first e-cigarette was created in China by Hon Lik, a pharmacist who was also a smoker. However, after the death of his  father as a result of lung cancer, he decided to create a better way to get his nic fix. The company he worked for develop e-cigars and changed their name to Ruyan.

These were the “cig-a-likes”. They looked like a cigarette, worked like a cigarette, tasted like a cigarette, and they soon caught on in a big way in Europe. Not long after came the “eGo” style battery and clearomizer that we all most likely started on.

Nevertheless, being the inventive types we all are, some e-cig users started experimenting with different ways to get more power to the coil. hence, creating more vapour and harder throat hit. So, they began repurposing various items – most commonly flashlights to attach atomizers to them and use them as personal vapourizers. And so, the ubiquitous MOD was born!

The Mechanical MOD

The term “Mod” is shorthand for “modified”, meaning a “mod” can be any electronic device appropriated for the purposes of vaping.

So what makes a mod a “mechanical” mod?

It’s quite simple – a mechanical mod is an e-cig with no circuitry.

Really. That’s it. You have the battery, the atomizer, and a switch that manually connects the battery to the atomizer. Simple as that.

But why mech mod?

In the days prior to high-wattage regulated mods, mech mod were the only way to sub-ohm. Your average eGo will only deal with resistances well over 1 Ohm, and this is not enough for die-hard cloud chasers. The only way to fire your perfect 0.25 Ohm build was to stick it on a mech mod. But of course you couldn’t just simply attach it and vape on.

You had to build the coil to a target resistance, meaning you had to Ohms-test. If you got it wrong – well, just say the phrase “catastrophic battery vent” in front of a mech mod owner if you want to watch them break out in a cold sweat.

Nowadays, however, you can stick your perfect 0.25 Ohm build on a wide range of high-wattage, regulated box mods and get the same results. They have built-in Ohms testing, and if the resistance is a bit off, you just adjust the wattage (or voltage, if you insist) to match your resistance. Life for sub-ohming cloud chasers has never been easier.

So…. why do people still love mech mods?

1. Durability

Because there are no delicate bits and pieces of circuitry, they are tough as hell. They can take a pounding and still go right on firing away. The best quality ones are often milled straight out of a big lump of steel, and as a result will probably outlive all of us. Unlike regulated mods, which once the circuits are fried are reasonably attractive yet unnecessarily expensive paperweights, mech mods just keep on keeping on.

2. Aesthetics

By and large, mech mods are just plain purdy! From the sleek dragonesque ones in the above photo, all the way to the bold as brass Atmomixani fare, there is no denying their aesthetic appeal. There’s just something about those big pretty pieces of metal that’s hard to look away from.

3. Collectibility

Being as they are artefacts from a more wistful age, they can have a lot of sentimental value, and look just as good on your shelf as they did in your hand. They also have the hobbyist appeal – sure it’s more convenient to use your 150W box mod throughout the day, but for those of us who already love building our own coils, nothing beats spending a nice relaxing evening in the man (or lady) cave fiddling around with them to get the resistance just right.

In a nutshell

Back in the day, mech mod were the only way you could achieve higher wattages by building sub-ohm coils. These days, you can sub-ohm without them. They are not inherently “better” or “worse” than regulated mods, just a different way of doing the same thing.

If you want one just coz, there are still plenty being made, and some vapers swear by them. Just do yourself a favour and don’t blow up your batteries!


Do Mech Mod hit harder?

Honestly, mech mods are a personal choice. Most people will not recommend getting a mech mod – even if you’re an advanced vaper – unless you have a strong understanding of how they operate. Mech mod require a little more studying on the mechanics because you’ll have to know about currents, Ohms law, and battery safety, just to name a few.

However, here are some things that you’ll need to know if you’re seriously considering using a mech mod:

  • Using the right batteries is very important. Do your research on what type of power source your device needs.
  • Check your circuits. It’s important to check the resistances of the atomizer so that you can ensure It is compatible with your device.
  • Invest in a battery charger so that you know when to stop charging your batteries. Overcharged batteries can be a dangerous thing.
  • Quality is key. Make sure to do your research to find a high end mod and not a cheap mech mod. Even if it is more expensive, the quality of the mech mod can affect the safety of the device.
  • Misfiring can be dangerous so make sure you store your mech mod in a safe place – never in a pocket or purse without first making sure it’s locked or without an atomizer in case of a continued misfire.
  • Choose from a trusted brand. Try not to buy knock-offs or cheaper versions of look-a-likes. Try to go only for the authentic mech mod.

There are some advantages to not having a chipset to regulate a mech mod besides just the vapor production.

  • Mech mod will keep firing regardless of the resistance of the coils – even really low sub-ohm vaping will be okay.
  • Mech mods are also very easy to operate since you don’t really have to worry about changing the wattage, or any other settings for that matter.
  • The only thing that you have to do is press the fire button and you’ll be all set with operating your mech mod.

Glas phantom by glas vapor

Glas phamtom with all of their devices and juices made in Los Angeles based manufacturing facility. And pharmaceutical grade clean room, Glas utilizes superior craftsmanship and technology. This is done on a day in and day out efforts to create the finest vaping products on the planet.

However, with more than two years of research and development with input from aerospace engineers, watchmakers. And other artisans capable of attending to the tiniest of details, Glas has succeeded in creating not just amazing products, but symbols of prestige and innovation the likes of which the vaping world has never seen.

glas phantom by glas vapor

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