Comparing Smoking and Vaping Cannabis

Because of the great popularity that cannabis has witnessed over the years, especially for medicinal and recreational purposes, there is a concern about its different ways of consumption. Vaping and smoking are two popular ways of consuming cannabis, and they involve inhaling though they differ in some ways.

Smoking cannabis takes place when someone burns the plant material and inhales the smoke. In this case, a person feels high due to the effects of the compounds present in cannabis.  

1. Heating Temperatures

The main variance between vaping and smoking cannabis is experienced in the temperatures at which cannabis is heated. When smoking, it reaches very high temperatures that produce harmful byproducts such as carbon monoxide and tar.

Vaping on the other hand heats cannabis at lower temperatures that only release cannabinoids which reproduce vapor. This vapor is regarded as being cleaner and healthier. It is therefore recommended as an alternative to smoking.

2. Duration of Effects

The duration of effects in these two methods of consuming cannabis also differs. Upon smoking cannabis, the effects can be realized within a few minutes and last for an extended time usually several hours. For this effect, smoking cannabis is usually used for recreational purposes. However, the effects can further lead to feelings of tiredness.

The effects of vaping, on the other hand, are onset and only last for a short duration. These effects might not be noticed immediately and can also last from 1-3 hours. For people looking for a controlled effect or a medicinal value, vaping is the way to go.

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