What is medical marijuana and how does it work?

Medical marijuana involves the use of the cannabis plant to treat several medical conditions. More than 100 cannabinoids are present in the plant and among them is CBD, which is known for its therapeutic properties. They get in contact with the body’s system and improve physiological processes such as pain, appetite, and mood. When doses are well prescribed, medical marijuana can alleviate symptoms of nausea, chronic pain, and other medical conditions.

What are the dosing methods of medical marijuana?

There are various known dosing methods for medical marijuana. The choice will depend on individual preferences and medical requirements. For instance, inhalation is a common method that is done through smoking or vaporizing herbs. 

Edibles are also another method where the products are put in food. They come in various forms such as cookies, gummies, and brownies. Tinctures are also liquid extracts that are consumed orally by administering a few drops under the tongue. 

The other method is the use of topical products which includes lotions, creams, and balms which are applied directly on the skin to treat localized inflammation and pain.