Guideline for Vaping Cannabis

Vaping has become a healthy alternative that helps people from smoking. Using vaping products has potential advantages as outlined below:

  • Less harmful to the body: vaping products can be less harmful than smoking and will not bring major respiratory issues.
  • Customizable experience: vaping products and devices allow users to customize their experience by using various settings to adjust temperature and other aspects that will make vaping enjoyable and comfortable.
  • More discreet: the vapor used in vaping dissipates quickly and does not usually have a stronger smell like smoking. This will enable people with respiratory issues to enjoy a cleaner environment.
  • Efficient: vaping enables lowering the temperature of the device used to enable heat all active compounds are extracted thus ensuring that no material is lost.

How to Use a Cannabis Vape Pen

  1. Before using a cannabis vape pen, you should ensure that it is fully charged for it to be functional. You can then attach the type of oil cartridge that you want to use in the vape pen.
  2. Vape pens have buttons that will need to be turned on to activate the heating feature. You can confirm if it’s on by checking the LED light. Adjust its temperature to the one that works for you. Place it in the mouth and inhale. 
  3. After inhaling, give yourself a few seconds to feel the effect of the puff. Once you are through with your puffs, turn off the vape pen to conserve battery.
  4. Repeat the above step whenever you want to have a puff.

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