Learning the Art of Bong Smoking

When using a bong, a person inhales smoke that has been filtered through water, which results in a smooth experience. Mastering this art means having some time and practice. Here are some tips that will make you a master in this art.

1. Select the Right Bong

Bongs are different in shape, size, materials, and additional features. Some bongs are also suitable for experienced smokers while others are good for beginners. For instance, additional features like ice catchers and percolators are something to consider.

2. Use Fine Herb

Before putting the herb inside the bong, ensure that it is finely grounded to allow an even burn and better airflow.

3. Pack the Bowl Correctly

A smooth smoking experience will be ensured by packing the bowl correctly. It should be loosely packed to allow airflow but not too loose that it leaves a huge space inside. Also, distribute the herb evenly in the bowl.

4. Use the Right Water Levels

Too little water will result in a harsh smoke while too much of it will make the herb wet, thus causing clogging in the bog. Just ensure that the water covers the down stem by just an inch so that get a smooth smoking experience.

5. Always Clean Your Blog Consistently

If you use the blog too many times without cleaning it, the resin will build up and affect the quality and taste of the smoke. After every use, ensure that you use isopropyl alcohol to clean the blog and its accessories and change the water.

Erica Madden

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