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Organic Smart carts fake vs real

Organic Smart carts fake vs real The high demand for vaporizers has lead to the creation of vaping companies. Therefore, the black market wants a slice of the pie as well. One brand of vape cartridges (carts) that has risen to infamy, is famously known as “Smart Carts”. This counterfeit manufacturing company is supposedly produce […]

Do organic smart carts have pesticides in them?

Do organic smart carts have pesticides in them? The safest way to ensure you don’t get any THC cartridges with pesticides is always purchase from a dispensary. Since they abide by the law to test all of their products at least 3 times before, during and after production. So, if you are anxious to know […]

Dankwoods Tekeh


Dankwood Tekeh Tekeh are special dankwoods which first came to the market in 2010. Dankwood Tekeh gain its popularity in March 2021 by a expertise canna dealer Elizabeth Tekeh. Hence, the name Tekeh dankwoods was establish. Despite the endless struggles to get theses dankwoods to the top of the demand chain, Tekeh has encountered numerous […]

Can you buy Dankwoods online?


Can you buy Dankwoods online? Dankwoods are more widely available in the black market. so far, we have learned countless times that the unregulated cannabis markets can’t be trusted. Hence, you don’t have 100% guarantee when it comes to buying cannabis from unlicensed sellers. For this reason, we often advise our clients to stick with us for […]