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Why are mech mod so expensive?

glas phantom by glas vapor

Why are mech mod so expensive? Regarding Glas Phamtom which is one of the most expensive mech mod and cost $300+, its always advisable to know what you are buying before seeking it out. If you started vaping within the last 3 years or so, you most likely know about mechanical mods. But aren’t really […]

Do organic smart carts have pesticides in them?

Do organic smart carts have pesticides in them? The safest way to ensure you don’t get any THC cartridges with pesticides is always purchase from a dispensary. Since they abide by the law to test all of their products at least 3 times before, during and after production. So, if you are anxious to know […]

vape mods

vape mods

How to get free vape mods You can win yourself some awesome free vape gear and e-juice by entering some available vape sites giveaways. They are offering at least 6 giveaways a month. However, they sometimes offer more depending on how many sponsors they get. This is your chance to stock up on free e-juice, […]

Dankwoods Tekeh


Dankwood Tekeh Tekeh are special dankwoods which first came to the market in 2010. Dankwood Tekeh gain its popularity in March 2021 by a expertise canna dealer Elizabeth Tekeh. Hence, the name Tekeh dankwoods was establish. Despite the endless struggles to get theses dankwoods to the top of the demand chain, Tekeh has encountered numerous […]